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Personal comfort

Panorama Giustinelli puts care for the environment on the same level as personal comfort. The care taken in designing the spaces stands alongside the choice of state-of-the-art technology for managing environmental quality. The guest experiences ultimate comfort in spectacular and unique surroundings: the stunning view overlooking Trieste. Feeling at home, knowing that your well-being doesn't damage the environment makes  you feel even better.

Facing the large garden is the spacious condominium spa: a 35-square metre stainless steel pool, a relaxation area, sauna, Turkish bath and comfortable bathrooms; a well-equipped gym and an outside area with covered porch for outside games and a nursery school.

In the common areas, soft music played through quality sound systems accompanies the life of the residents. Harmonious design, natural colour combinations, suffused lighting and tasteful materials all contribute to a sense of well-being from the hall all the way inside to the apartments.

Eco-innovation and comfort

“CasaClima A più” is an excellent classification but the value of Panorama Giustinelli goes way beyond this certification: here, the environment is cosy and people-friendly, a result of the careful integration of the most advanced technology currently available in terms of environmental comfort. To provide air-conditioning for the whole building, without drawing on other sources, thermal energy is produced in both winter and summer using an underground geothermal system powered by photovoltaic panels and micro wind power generators. The photovoltaic roof, integrated with fibre optic light collectors, covers the lighting needs of the common areas. The six-floor building made totally of wood guarantees heat insulation, structural elasticity, durability and comfort.

Comfort is also assured by a Siemens domotic system for temperature management and a quality acoustic system which exceeds the standards of existing law, offering an incomparable acoustic environment.