Trieste sea view
Armenian Church
Trieste Miramare
Trieste sea view
Trieste sea view
Render Giustinelli
Trieste waterfront


Trieste is a city with a strong international vocation boasting a strategic position in the chess board of the new Europe due to its location which, despite overlooking the sea, places it close to central-east Europe.
It is rich in culture, heir to a glorious past, born of the progressive concentration of vivacious Mediterranean, central-European and Balkan communities. With an eye toward a new Europe and a pulsing heart in the “Bel Paese” (Italy), the future of Trieste becoming a new Central European capital again looks likely: a fascinating bridge between east and west.

Via Giustinelli

The tranquil, level ground cul-de-sac where our building is located stands on the hill of St. Vito; one of the seven hills of the city. The Armenian community settled in the area at the beginning of the 18th century: their beautiful church stands next to our complex. From this position, just a few minutes' walk from the city centre and promenade, you can enjoy stunning views over the city and gulf.

The heart of Europe

Trieste's strategic position makes it the first natural access to the sea, straight into  the heart of Europe.

In the centre of the new Europe, Trieste is close to the lively capitals of Vienna (478km), Budapest (558km), Bratislava (540km), Ljubljana  (95km), Zagreb (230km) and Belgrade (620km) as well as interesting cities such as Venice (164km), Milan (420km), Munich (700km), Klagenfurt (170km) and Zurich (685km).

The airport is 40 kilometres away and the city is well connected by motorways and rail.