Panorama Giustinelli Philosophy
Panorama Giustinelli Philosophy

Project description

In Trieste, a unique residential project is nearing completion. In an exclusive area of the city, with breathtaking views over the Gulf, stands a building whose technological excellence and meticulous attention to detail and finish has no equal. The care taken in design and construction defines new living.

History coexists with innovation. The main idea behind Panorama Giustinelli is the creation of a residential building which applies the results of the most advanced energy and structural efficiency research. The design maintains the antique facade of an existing building in via Giustinelli behind which a new 6-floor complex totally made of wood is being built.

Ecological and organic

The imperative of Panorama Giustinelli is to provide concrete technical answers to emerging ethical needs. The idea is to propose an innovative building using state-of-the-art sustainability and eco-compatibility science.

The entire design is defined by the desire to create a practical building rich in original solutions which represents a  touchstone in the construction field.
Our house fulfils the needs of clients with a long term view towards global problems such as shortages and the wastefulness of traditional energy resources. A client who is aware of the problems represented by the accumulation undisposable waste and of how the environment has been mistreated; a client who understands the political necessity of being self-sufficient and acknowledges the close connection between health and environment. A ready to use solution, ready to be lived in

Where “beauty” meets “good”

In ancient Greek culture the words “beauty” and “good” mean one and the same: aesthetic and ethical excellence. This excellence represents a new kind of quality that is modern and subtle, superseding the old luxury which is ostentatious, heavy and therefore no longer credible.

New luxury can be best described as spacious common areas, a large livable garden and inside spaces dedicated to health with pools, a gym and saunas.
Minimal environmental impact and energy self-sufficiency aside, the design prioritizes good living and the harmonious integration of the architectural design within an urban context .

Another element which makes Panorama Giustinelli a “good” project is the not so easy decision to build a state-of-the-art building in a highly developed area of Trieste by applying the idea of re-use and territorial redevelopment: the design defends and safeguards the environment and avoids the invasion of new natural spaces.